The Writing Group


Join us for our upcoming group, Sundays in November!

We call it a writing group, but it's not just about writing.  Writing is the tool or the doorway. We find that writing in the company of others in a place of stopped time allows us to show up as ourselves, apart from our in-the-world identities. We arrive at the blank page and follow what arises. What we write may appear as a stream-of-consciousness narrative or bulleted list; the form is not as important as what the process allows and elicits. We find freedom, expansion, and a place in ourselves we can return to again and again. When we read what we've written out loud, it becomes a gift to others. We can't look away or deny the beauty that others see in what we've written; we're called to recognize it as our own truth. In this way, we start to see how to move forward and create what we're meant to bring to the world. Novice and experienced writers welcome. There is no expectation of outcome or deliverable; and no judgment about what arises. It's a time and space apart to be, become, and discover.

Here you can read some writes from our previous groups.